How to Form a Representative Office in Turkey?

Establishing a representative office in Turkey can be a strategic decision for organizations looking to expand their global reach. Turkey, with its dynamic economy and strategic geographic location, has become an attractive destination for international businesses seeking to establish a representative office in Turkey.

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This article serves as a comprehensive guide, outlining the necessary steps and considerations involved in forming a representative office in Turkey.

Purpose of a Representative Office in Turkey

A representative office serves as a liaison between a foreign company and potential clients, partners, or suppliers in Turkey. Its primary role is to conduct market research, promote the parent company’s products or services, and facilitate communication. It cannot engage in commercial activities or generate direct revenue in Turkey.

Form a Representative Office in Turkey

Compliance with Turkish Legislation

To establish a representative office in Turkey, it is crucial to comply with the relevant laws and regulations. Familiarize yourself with the legal framework, including the Turkish Commercial Code, the Regulation on the Implementation of the Foreign Direct Investment Law, and any sector-specific regulations that may apply to your industry.

Determine Eligibility for Representative Office in Turkey

Foreign companies seeking to form a representative office in Turkey must meet specific eligibility criteria. Generally, companies that have been operating for at least one year and can demonstrate their activities in the parent company’s home country are eligible. Additionally, the parent company’s financial statements must show sufficient capital to support the representative office’s operations.

Appoint a Representative Office Director

The representative office must appoint a director who will act as the legal representative of the office in Turkey. This individual should have a good understanding of the company’s operations, possess the necessary qualifications, and be fluent in both English and Turkish to effectively communicate with local authorities and stakeholders.

Prepare Documentation

Gather the necessary documentation required for the establishment of a representative office in Turkey. This typically includes:

  • Letter of Intent: Outlining the purpose of the representative office, intended activities, and duration of operation.
  • Power of Attorney: Appointing the representative office coordinator and granting them the necessary authority to act on behalf of the parent company.
  • Parent Company Documentation: Company registration documents, articles of association, and financial statements.
  • Director’s Documentation: Curriculum vitae, passport copies, and power of attorney to represent the parent company.

Submit the Application

Once the documentation is prepared, we will submit the application to the Ministry of Trade. The application is typically submitted to the Ministry of Trade, Directorate General of Domestic Trade, and relevant chambers of commerce.

Post-Registration Obligations

After obtaining the necessary approvals, there are certain post-registration obligations to fulfill. These may include registration with the Tax Office, obtaining a taxpayer identification number, and registering with social security institutions.

Summary of Representative Office in Turkey

Establishing a representative office in Turkey can provide international companies with valuable opportunities for market expansion and relationship-building. By understanding the process, fulfilling legal requirements, and effectively navigating the local regulatory landscape, businesses can establish a successful presence in Turkey’s vibrant market.

Establishing a representative office in Turkey offers a gateway to tap into the nation’s flourishing economy and strategic location. With a stable business environment, diverse industries, and a growing consumer base, Turkey presents a wealth of opportunities for international businesses seeking expansion.

By forming a representative office in Turkey, your company can conduct insightful market research, foster invaluable partnerships, and promote your products or services to a receptive audience. Embrace the potential for increased brand visibility, enhanced market presence, and improved customer engagement.

Unlock the doors to success in Turkey’s dynamic market by strategically establishing a representative office that embodies professionalism and delivers results. Let your business thrive in the heart of Eurasia, bridging continents and connecting cultures, as you harness the potential of a representative office in Turkey.

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