Turkish Trade Registry

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Turkish Trade Registry

Turkish Trade Registry

Turkish Trade Registry is governed by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and functions according to the Turkish Trade Law. The institution’s main task is to record all amendments and to provide information and the legality of the records. Also, the Company Registrar in Turkey has to incorporate new businesses and manage the registration formalities of both Turkish and foreign companies.

As a result of registration, the institution has to issue registration certificates that ensure the actual functioning of the company. Also, the register issues land registry certificates and other documents in conformity with the articles of association of the companies.

Turkish Registers and registry certificates are kept in an electronic database, available for searching. This database contains a series of information on registered companies, including their names, registered addresses, shareholders, if it is the case, branches, social capital, etc.

The Turkish Commercial Register has a good relationship with other authorities and collaborates with them, offering valuable information, and also updating its database using their authenticated data. Soon, Trade Register officials will introduce an electronic system that will enable registering through Internet means.

The Commercial Register in Turkey

The Trade Register incorporates companies with the Chamber of Commerce, which are obliged to be registered, also monitoring their activity. If any change in the registered data occurs, the Trade Registry must be notified.

The changes include the replacement of managing members, a change of registered address, a new object of activity, etc. This procedure is done by filling out an application with some required data and sending it to the registration office.

The Turkish Trade Registry has to maintain open communication with the public, being obliged by law to issue authenticated copies of company documents. All this information is available to the public, by ordering certain information through postal mail, e-mail, or acquiring it at the registration office headquarters.

Another important task of the institution is to organize prizes in categories of commercial and foreign exchange revenues, offering information on bank protocols, etc.

The Turkish Commercial Register maintains the registration, formation, and development of Turkish companies in legality, regulating their activities and ensuring good communication with the public, putting at their disposal information on registration procedures, and details of companies, and offering valuable advice.

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